Azma Nanosystem co., as a member of the Society of Laboratories of the Iranian National Standards Organization and the Food and Drug Administration, has established itself to maintain, promote and support the domestic manufacturers, and is committed to doing the following with respects to all legal norms:

  • Perform various chemical and microbiological tests, in accordance with the latest world standards, to ensure the country’s regulatory agencies.
  • Inspection operations on goods subject to import and export regulations
  • Reduce dependency of domestic industries on performing tests abroad
  • Pay attention to the available indigenous resources and knowledge and to compete internationally to preserve and promote the name of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Azma Nanosystem Lab believes that the mission can be accomplished by systematic thinking, maintaining human dignity, fairness, integrity and work discipline, adherence to rules, core expertise and knowledge, meritocracy, empathy, perseverance, continuous improvement, creativity, innovation and collaborative management.

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