Quality Policy

Azma Nanosystem accredited laboratory, aiming at offering the ultimate services in chemical, physical and microbiological testing, in line with the company’s scope of activity and satisfying its customers, intends to be recognized as a national and regional authority by employing a superior professional approach, along with the use of modern and advanced laboratory equipment, as well as testing within the latest international, national and internal standards.

Accordingly, the quality policy of the laboratory is as follows:

  • Ensure accurate and precise tests are performed.
  • Expanding the scope of test-related activities through studies, research and extending equipment.
  • Development of human resources and promotion of the level of acquaintance, technical knowledge and skills of the staff and creation of a suitable environment for creativity, innovation and partnership.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction, by respecting their rights and maintaining a proper and sustainable relationship, with the aim of meeting their needs.

To achieve the above, Azma Nanosystem Laboratory has developed and deployed its laboratory management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 International Standard. Also, while adhering to the principle of impartiality and confidentiality, this laboratory commits all its personnel to the effective implementation and use of its policies and procedures.

Laboratory management expresses its full commitment to meet the requirements of this standard and to continually improve the effectiveness of its management system, and, in collaboration with all its diligent staff, strives to improve the facility and achieve the above objectives.

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